MTCS Individual Competence Assessment (ICA)

This video describes the process for completing an Individual Competence Assessment (ICA) in order to gain an MTCS Certificate of Competence.

To gain an MTCS Certificate of Competence in your current job role:

This would apply if you are seeking a competence certificate for the job role you are currently doing, and involves providing evidence of the work that you have been undertaking in that role over the past 12 to 18 months.

This would include:

  • A witness statement from the company or agency(s) you have been working for.
  • Reviews of your performance (appraisals / end of trip reports / client feedback)
  • Copies of your IMCA logbook (Survey / ROV / Diving / DP Operator / Technician etc)
  • Mandatory certification (medical / survival / trade or academic)
  • Company CV or work history
  • A short report written by you about your most recent job offshore.
  • An assessment pack including guidance and documents to complete is provided by via MTCS Online.
  • You should be able to gather this evidence in a few weeks.

Individual Competence Assessment (ICA) Procedure

To purchase your Individual Competence Assessment pack, click on the link to be taken to MTCS Online where you can login if you are an existing user, or register if this is your first visit.

Your ICA pack will be available through your MTCS Online account upon successful completion of payment.

Evidence requirements will include the following:


Complete the Essential Knowledge Report relating to your role to satisfy the knowledge element of competence.


You must submit the witness statement contained in your ICA pack – this must be completed by a manager.


Appraisals from your supervisor confirming you are deemed competent in your current role.


This should include log hours, days of work and an up-to-date CV.


Ensure you have a valid Offshore Survival & Medical Certificate for the region in which you work.

Your MTCS Individual Competence Assessment course will provide instructions on how to proceed including uploading evidence, submitting evidence for verification and retrieving your certificate of competence.

For any further information please contact MTCS:

Phone: +44 15394 40200