The range of certification programs for the marine sector from MTCS is designed to provide independent, formal and industry recognised competence certification for personnel working in Back Deck, Bridge and Engine Room roles.

There are essentially two methods that you can follow to obtain an MTCS Certificate of Competence.

Individual Competence Assessment (ICA)
Grade Assessment (GA)

The process we will recommend to you will depend on your current state of employment and your experience to date.

The documentation for a Grade Assessments (GA) can be found in the links below

Our independent and internationally recognised certification allows personnel to demonstrate their competence in technical and important safety critical marine operations.

Related Programs & Training

MTCS - Training and Competence certification for Marine Personnel

Extensive experience from working with international maritime clients in oil & gas, hydrographic survey, subsea and renewables which has enabled MTCS (UK) Ltd to develop  globally recognised, independent competence assessment and certfification programs specifically for professionals working in the maritime industries.

To find out more about the Individual Competence Assessment and Grade Assessment programs, or any of the MTCS online training courses suitable for personnel working in these specialist maritime roles, please contact us using this form.

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