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Procedures, equipment and personnel vary between disciplines, geographic areas and companies, and sometimes this needs to be reflected in the training and competence solutions employed.

MTCS (UK) Ltd have more than a decade of experience in creating and delivering high-quality, bespoke training courses for companies around the world and of all sizes operating in oil & gas, marine and maritime sectors including:

Inclusion of your company documents and procedures in a course is straightforward, and we can usually accommodate such requests at no additional charge for corporate clients.

Similarly, assessing personnel on your own equipment is often the best way to evaluate their performance, and this can be included in our standard courses.

Should you require more specific changes to any existing MTCS course, or have a need for a course on a subject that we haven’t listed here on our website, then we have a large portfolio of course modules that can be used to create a new, dedicated course – a cost-effective approach to meet your organisation’s training needs.

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