As a leading provider in offshore training and competence asurance, MTCS (UK) Ltd. have developed this online distance learning course to assist personnel, team leaders and supervisors in the delivery of training modules that relate to their specific discipline.

Course Overview

The course follows the guidelines laid down in IMO model course 6.09 and IMCA C 011 section 2.8.

Candidates undertaking theis online course are required to study a variety of concepts that relate to how people learn, effective communication and assessment.

It is recommended that interested managers, supervisors and candidates contact MTCS prior to registering on this online training course to discuss and confirm their suitability.

Candidate Requirements

The course is aimed at personnel who are occupationally competent in the subject matter they intend to deliver training in.  Suitable candidates may include Supervisors who are required to coach personnel in the workplace, and shore based managers involved in a training and competence role.

It is recommended that managers and candidates contact MTCS prior to registering on the course to confirm their suitability for the course.

Course Modules

The course includes the following modules:

  • Planning Learning
  • Delivering Learning
  • Communication Skills
  • Assessing Learning
  • Practical Implementation, Review and Self Evaluation


Each section of the course contains short learning exercises that require the candidate to reflect on various practical activities that they will conduct throughout the course.

The final section of the course requires the candidate to conduct a Practical Implementation Exercise. The candidate is required to design and deliver a lesson to some candidates.

The candidate must then upload the video and associated documentation to their MTCS Online account for final assessment and feedback.


On successful completion of the course candidates will receive a MTCS certificate as a ‘Work Place Trainer’.

Course Delivery

The course is delivered through MTCS Online whereby candidates will be provided with a unique access code to download the material and guidance on how to use the course.

Candidates will then upload evidence, including a video to their MTCS Online account.


Companies may wish to progress to the ‘MTCS Licensed Instructor Program’ whereby they can deliver a specific MTCS course under licence. Please note Terms and Conditions apply.

Candidates may apply for the following certificates. ‘Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning Sector’ (PTLLS) or Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS).

These are normally delivered at local Further Education colleges over a 2 to 3 month period.

Candidates may obtain a Certificate in Education that is also delivered at Further Education colleges, normally over a 12 month period.


Key Points

£430 + VAT

16 hours + assessments and practical exercise

Distance online learning via MTCS Online

Suitable For
Supervisors, team leaders and managers who are required to train and coach their personnel

All course fees and certification

Next Steps
Your certificate confirming ‘Successful Completion of Knowledge’ may be used to support your next assessment for an MTCS Certificate of Competence

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