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MTCS Online ROV High Voltage Training Course

Working with high voltage systems is inherently hazardous, and the best defence against incidents is a thorough understanding of safe working practice.

The MTCS Online courses are applicable to a wide range of marine high voltage systems, and have become the de facto standard for much of the ROV industry.

Course Overview

The online course is designed to give ROV personnel a detailed understanding of HV safety, reflecting both industry best practice and current legislation whilst satisfying IMCA R005 – Guidance on safety procedures for isolation of ROV high voltage equipment (above 1㎸).

The course can be completed offshore and requires the candidate to research their own systems and procedures. Alternatively, the course may be taken by the candidate in their own time and their own pace.

The course includes a practical assessment that can be completed under supervision, offshore or in a suitably equipped workshop. The practical assessment requires the candidate to conduct an electrical isolation, in accordance with their company procedures.

Candidate Requirements

It is recommended that candidates have some technical experience and knowledge of ROV systems as a minimum.

Course Modules

  • Safety with High Voltage
  • System Components
  • Risk & Injury
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Hazardous Areas


Assessment of Knowledge is conducted by a combination of Multiple Choice and short written answers.

Each module includes a range of short written assignments that requires the candidate to reflect on their own systems, work methods and procedures. This forms an important part of the candidates learning experience and ensures the training remains contextual.

Each module also includes an end of unit ‘Self-Assessment’ that provides the candidate with an opportunity to test themselves on the specific subject matter. All ‘Self-Assessment’ modules must be successfully completed before taking the final Online Assessment of Knowledge.

On successfully completing the final assessment of knowledge candidates will receive a certificate confirming ‘Successful Assessment of Knowledge’.

The Online course includes a Practical Assessment that can be completed offshore or in a suitably equipped workshop. The Practical Assessment requires the candidate to conduct an Electrical Isolation, under Supervision, in accordance with their company procedures. Supervision may be provided by an occupationally competent ‘Technical Authority’ which in practice may be the Offshore Supervisor.

On completion of the Practical Assessment candidates may upload specific evidence of the activity to their MTCS Online account for final verification by MTCS.


Successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate confirming Successful Completion of Knowledge on completion of the Online course. On completion of the Practical Assessment candidates will then receive aa certificate confirming successful completion of Knowledge and Practical.

Candidates who hold a valid Certificate of Competence at Senior ROV Pilot Technician (Submersible Engineer) or above may be awarded a Certificate stating that they are ‘Competent in ROV HV Systems’. This certificate qualifies the candidate to act in the capacity of ‘Isolating Authority’ at the employer’s discretion.

A detailed overview of the Assessment Outcomes can be seen in the flow chart.

Course Delivery

The course is delivered through MTCS Online whereby candidates will be provided with a unique access code to download the material and guidance on how to use the course.


Certificates of Competence may be issued by MTCS or by a Company in house Competence Scheme that conforms to IMCA guidelines C007.

An overview of a typical Isolation is shown below:

purchase course
MTCS - High Voltage Certification Process Diagram

Key Points

Course Fees
£295 + VAT

18 hours plus assessments

This is an online learning course, undertaken via MTCS Online

Suitable For
This online course is designed for individuals with some technical experience and knowledge of ROV systems.


  • All course fees
  • ‘Training in High Voltage Safety Awareness’ certification

Next Steps
‘Competence in ROV Safe Working Practice’ for suitably experienced and qualified personnel. Contact MTCS for further details

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