Due to ever-increasing operational costs, MTCS have had to make the difficult decision to increase our prices. This will be the first price increase in over six years. We understand that ever-increasing costs makes it a very difficult time for us all, but please be assured we continuously work at keeping our operational costs as minimal as possible whilst also ensuring we provide a very reliable and quality service for all our clients.

Please be aware that the schedule of prices will therefore take effect from 3rd February 2022.

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In the highly competitive global maritime, offshore survey and oil & gas industries, formal certification confirming your competence to undertake your professional role goes a long way toward giving you a tangible advantage.

Whether you’re a company pitching for a new contract and wish to demonstrate the competence of your people, or are an individual seeking full-time employment or work as a freelance contractor, you need worldwide industry-recognised credentials.

MTCS Certification

Our certification is impartial and independent, as well as being a globally recognised mark of quality across ROV, hydrographic survey, commercial diving and wider marine sectors.

You may ask what makes MTCS Competence Certification stand out?

MTCS Certification offers the following benefits:

  • Accreditation: The rigorous assessment and verification procedures we employ are accredited under ISO 9001:2015 and the awarding body EAL (Part of the SEMTA group). MTCS are also members of IMCA and ensure our processes and procedures follow IMCA guidelines.
  • Independence: MTCS are a fully independent certification provider. Our assessment and verification procuedures provide a ‘benchmark’ for assessing personnel in safety critical, operational and technical activities.
  • Transferability: The offshore energy sector is very transient where individuals (freelance contractors or employed personnel) move between organisations across the world. MTCS Certification remains with the individual and confirms a minimum standard of competence has been achieved in a specific role. Organisations continue to use MTCS Certification as a trusted benchmark of competence when selecting personnel for projects.

What is Competence?

Competence can be defined as having subject Knowledge, the Skills to perform a task and Experience in a role.

It takes all three to earn MTCS Competence Certification, because it takes all three to be both efficient and safe in the workplace in the maritime industry.


It’s not enough to just know how to repeat a task. To work safely, you must understand what that task does and why it’s needed. That knowledge allows you to handle things going wrong and to make decisions under unusual circumstances.


To perform your duties effectively, you need to reach at least a certain minimum level of skill. Skill refers to the ability to perform a task safely, efficiently, and in accordance with company/industry guidelines and procedures.


In many ways, experience measures the length of time you have successfully worked in a particular role. During this time you will have demonstrated the ability to combine skills and knowledge and to evaluate the situation when things change. Experience is often regarded as the most important factor when considering Competence.

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