The MTCS Workplace Trainer course is designed to help competent personnel present training modules which relate to their specific discipline. It can be combined with other maritime training courses from MTCS to efficiently upskill your personnel.

Course Overview

Using IMO Model Course 6.09 and IMCA C011 Section 2.8 guidelines, the course demonstrates how people learn, effective communication, and assessment techniques. This course runs 2-3 days, the duration depending upon the number of candidates submitted by the client.

Candidate Requirements

Suitable candidates will be occupationally competent in the subject matter they’ll be teaching. Most are supervisors looking to coach personnel or shore based managers in a training and competence role.

Prior to registering candidates on the course, it’s recommended that their suitability is confirmed. Contact MTCS for details.

Course Modules

The course includes the following modules:

  • Planning Learning
  • Delivering Learning
  • Communication Skills
  • Assessing Learning
  • Practical Implementation, Review and Self Evaluation


Candidates will be assessed throughout the course, but at the very end they will be asked to design and deliver a lesson to some ‘students’. They will conduct this Practical Implementation Exercise under observation by an MTCS instructor who will offer feedback.

Following the course candidates will also be required to produce a portfolio documenting lessons they have delivered in the workplace. This portfolio must be submitted to MTCS for final assessment and feedback before certification.


Our ‘Work Place Trainer’ certificate will be awarded to successful candidates.

Course Delivery

MTCS can deliver this course in our own training facilities in the UK or at client facilities – please contact us to discuss your requirements and preferred training location.


Some companies may wish to train candidates in this before progressing to the MTCS Licensed Instructor Program, allowing them to deliver a specific MTCS course under licence. Terms and conditions apply.

As part of this, candidates may apply for a Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS) or Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS).

These are usually delivered over a 2-3 month period at local Further Education colleges.

Candidates may also obtain a Certificate in Education that is also delivered at Further Education colleges over a full 12 months.

Contact MTCS
MTCS Corporate Workplace Trainer Course

Key Points

Course Fees
Please contact MTCS to discuss your requirements and for our corporate rates

2 or 3-days (classroom) plus assessments

MTCS UK facilities or client premises (on-shore or offshore) or via MTCS Online

Suitable For
Participating candidates should be at Supervisory level

All course fees and Skills Assessor certification

Next Steps
Assessment of personnel in the workplace

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